Philosophy and Core Values | Hunterdon Mohawks Lacrosse
The purpose of the Hunterdon Mohawks Lacrosse Program is to introduce, promote, develop, and instruct boys and girls in the game of lacrosse, so that they develop a life-long love for this sport. We will teach girls and boys how to work hard, get better.

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Mohawk Philosophy and Core Values
  • Our goal is to teach girls and boys how to work hard, get better and have fun while playing lacrosse. 
  • We place an emphasis on developing our boys and girls into fundamentally sound lacrosse players. 
  • We will never count a child out!  Every child has the potential to improve and make a contribution to their team.
  • Our coaches will work hard to teach the important fundamental aspects of the game. They will provide a positive learning environment for each of our players, so that they develop a life-time love for playing lacrosse.
  • The Mohawks will not dwell on winning or losing.  Our coaches will focus on player development over winning.  Victories will be achieved after concentrating on learning how to win ground balls, to successfully throw and catch, positively communicate, work hard, and respect each other.
  • Coaches will encourage children to practice at home.
  • Children will earn fair playing time during a game by working hard at practice and in game situations, by listening and coming to practice.
  • Our players and coaches will respect the officials.  Anything less than that is unacceptable because it will be a poor reflection on our organization and our community.
  • The Mohawks organization will provide our coaches with opportunities to learn more and expand their knowledge about the game of lacrosse in order to enhance our players experience.
  • While our parents are watching on the sidelines we would ask that that they help support

      -  our philosophy and core values
      -  to positively encourage our players to “work hard” during a game
      -  focus on the children’s effort and not on a child’s execution.   As long as they work hard, they will continue to  

  • Mohawks, their coaches and fans must respect the officials who are calling our games.